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    Propagation problems

    Hello all,

    Last month, I changed the name server for 2 less important sites that I own, over to a new host. One of them fully propagated in about 24 hours, the other took exactly a month to fully propagate at my location, which is an unusually long time. Support tells me that this may be an ISP issue because I did a traceroute to the site, and it seems to time out at the halfway point in Dallas, TX (I'm in California and servers are in Chicago).

    I bit the bullet a few days ago and decided to change the name server on my main business's site. It seems as though everyone outside the office can see the changes except me. I'm afraid that this will take a month as well. Worst part about is that I'm not getting any email at the moment, which is vital to my business.

    Can anyone shed some light into this? I'm at a loss and don't know what to do.

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    use for your dns with your isp thats having issues

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    I think anything longer than 72 hours to propagate, means there is another issue.
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    your machine, your router/modem or your ISP are caching the old results

    from a command prompt type
    ipconfig /flushdns
    reboot your machine
    then from a command prompt type
    nslookup {domain}
    and see if it gets the right IP

    reset your modem/router and check the nameserver settings

    call your ISP support desk
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