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    Proactive Server Management Needed

    Can anyone recommend a server management company that performs proactive management. By proactive, I mean logging in to the server once a month to check logs for suspicious activity, doing critical updates, routine hardening check and other things that comes with a quality management company. Monitoring would be a bonus. Of course, supporting our questions would also be a part of the service.

    Along with your recommendation, it would be great if you can provide a few sentences to explain your recommendation (why you would recommend this company). Thank you.

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    the list of companies that provide such services is actually pretty low considering the amount of "managed" providers out there.

    Take a look at people like dynamicnet and utropicmedia. Competitors of ours, but, I do not mind recommending them as they perform solid services and have been around for quite awhile...

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    Hope you are fine there

    i suggest you to go with

    they are simply amazing guys , highly trained techs , very friendly , proactive ,

    level 3 security , before i was with another company , i dont wana take name

    but after joining logicsupport my server runs smooth and i never got any

    problem , i generally get my tickets answered under 5-10 Minutes and

    normally they resolve them under 1 hour.i personally recommend you to go

    with logic support,im sure you will be having peace of mind after joining them

    Hope this helps
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    Greetings Mealto:

    What automation (partial or complete) system will you be using?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamicnet View Post
    Greetings Mealto:

    What automation (partial or complete) system will you be using?

    Thank you.
    Hi Peter,

    I am not sure what you mean by automation system. If you are asking about control panel, it's cPanel. Hope that helps.

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    I believe that touchsupport can fulfill this task for you.
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