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    * Newbie question: setting up a hosting service?

    I'm working on a business idea where I plan to develop a web-based application for a specific industry. I would like to offer this application with a hosting service on my own server (which I currently don't have yet).

    Since I mainly will be hosting my own products (I also would want to sell hosting packages), I don't plan to offer support for a wide variety of platforms and scripting languages.

    Since I'm on a limited budget, I will have to choose an option that wouldn't require large expenses on software licences and so on.

    Can anyone suggest a platform(s) and scripting languages that would suit my case?

    Also, how can I minimise the cost for hardware equipment? And exactly what do I need anyway?

    Thanks for any suggestions and/or advice,

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    I would suggest you start out with a virtual server from a company like first.

    As for language goes that could depend on what application you want to make. I would think PHP, Java or C++ should cover most things.

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