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    * Loking for Recommendation for Cyberwing User

    Hi was wondering if anyone could suggest a company to use. I am a current Cyberwing customer and actually have my site up but now I am having email probems so I am wanting something for backup and maybe even to move everything. Just a small personal site not much, main thing I am interested in is price, I don't want to spend a fortune, for basically email service and a personal site. Any info would be appreciated.


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    maybe even to move everything.
    IMO, that may be the wisest thing to do right now if ur at CW

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    The last thing you need is another headache, you should go with on one of the top hosts. is one of them.

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    Hi Philly.............I am sad to say I was a cyberwings customer also and I moved all my sites do about the 3rd of July and have been very happy with their service...........Setup was fast and service has been excellent. Speed is also better than CW.

    Good luck in your search.....

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    Philly.. the best thing you're doing is moving from CW. Sphew! It's all blue skies from there! (haha, not really.. just find a good host!)... you'll find one soon!

    Good Luck!
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    As a former customer, I currently also have accounts with,,,, and

    If price is your concern, I would go with, they have been around forever, and have smaller plans.

    I honestly dont know of any good cheap hosts for under $25 a year, the two I currently use (ValuableHost and EARHost) both concern me. Not many people can make a profit offering such cheap hosting, as was the case of CyberWings. Eventually the server gets filled with hundreds of accounts that can barely make up for the server costs after a few months, and then the company crumbles.

    Good luck on your search though. If you can afford $8 a month is the way to go. Use the SEARCH function on these forums to research any host you decide to go with, and you really can't go wrong

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    Great price and service.

    I bailed from CW as soon as it got ugly.
    Why you are still there is your concern...
    Make sure you back up your site ASAP.
    make sure you have control of your domain name ASAP.
    If your registered through cyberwing domains...transfer to someone else ASAP.


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