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    Flash Designer Needed!


    I'm from (a new and upcoming graphic and web developement e-zine) and we're going to fire up a new project called It's intended to be a branch off of the designerspad NETwork and it'll offer hosting, design services and e-mail. Just a way to help entice the users to subscribe to the e-zine and it will also help generate a little extra cash and revenue. We are in dire need of an advanced Flash Designer. All we need is an introduction page and in return, we're willing to offer the following hosting package.

    Despad Premium Account:

    Control Panel: Ensim
    Space Allocated: 200mb
    Transfer: 2GB

    The amount of Email Accounts, FTP Accounts and Sub Domains can be discussed. We have a limit though with consultation we may be able to go over slightly.

    We are willing to host this person for 6 months, though if you wish to join with our other 8 staff (made up of 3d artisits, programmers, graphic artisits etc), we would remain your host til your departure.

    Just email us via either:

    Mason Galindo - [email protected]
    Jon Grant - [email protected]


    Mason and Jon
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    Hey Mason,

    Nice to see your posting here. (for all you that don't know, Im Jon Grant, Co-Webmaster of

    Mason, it's a great forum so I think we may find what we need here.


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    I am not in need of hosting but I can do it for $90. Read this thread I posted a few days ago.
    Todd Goldberg
    AIM: FourNmedia

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    Thanks for your interest, but I have previously reviewed the thead and we're not interested in hiring you. We're looking for someone with a little more experience.

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