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    Canadian Windows Helm 4 Clients for Sale

    Up for sale are four Canadian ASP Clients, currently being hosted on a Windows 2003 server colocated and located in Toronto utilizing Helm 4 control panel.

    Monthly: $7.95 (1)
    Quarterly: $74.70 (2)
    Annually: $83.40 (1)
    Est. Annual Income: $477.60
    Revenue from Domains $36.90

    Total disk usage for all clients is under 500MB
    Total bandwidth usage for all clients is under 1GB per month

    We are looking for a quick sale $400/b.o. clients must be moved off the server within a few days of the completed sale.

    For more info send a pm. - Reliable Web Hosting
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    1. Why are you selling these clients off?
    2. Are they aware that they will be changing hosting providers?
    3. What resources is each assigned?
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    The reason for selling them is because we are no longer going to provide Windows hosting.

    No they are unaware of the sale and the plans are as listed on our site.

    I would like to sell them to a Canadian company with servers in T.O. - Reliable Web Hosting
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    We have Windows based server with HELM3 in SAVVIS DC.

    We are interested in taking over your clients.

    1. Are there any outgoings ?
    2. For how long have these clients been with you?
    3. What are the renewals for Quarterly & Annual?
    4. How do all these clients pay?

    Finally, what is your BIN?
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    These clients have been with us less than a year since we only started providing Windows hosting in September 2007.

    All clients except for the yearly one is due for renewal within the next 30 days.

    Finally I care about my clients and I will not sell unless the following requirements are met.

    * You must be a Canadian hosting provider with a telephone number on your site
    * In business longer than two years
    * Servers must be located in Toronto

    If I can't get a proper buyer I will not sell them and just let them know we will be discontinuing the Windows service. - Reliable Web Hosting
    Small business and personal web hosting

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    This sale will remain open for an additional 24 hours.

    Thank you. - Reliable Web Hosting
    Small business and personal web hosting

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