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    Pardiowars V1.2 - Advanced RPG/MMORRG/Role playing game! Just $50 for a limited time!

    Pardiowars V1.2 Released!


    Pardiowars will only ever be sold on :


    V1.2 Updates/changes are included at the bottom
    Not everything is included in this post, for full features/info please visit


    Demo :

    Username: admin
    Password : admin


    The success of Browser-Based RPG Games is enormous! Now its YOUR chance to get in on that success! PardioWars is guaranteed to be the best RPG script on the entire Internet! With tons of features and a full admin backend to control every aspect of your game, PardioWars blows away the competition.

    In addition unlike other scripts PardioWars is completely secure, and backed with a dedicated development team to release script updates and new features every few weeks!


    Your town/army

    When playing pardiowars you have to build your town/army. Every day you gain a certain amount of citizens, depending on how many houses you have. You can train these citizens to be either:

    * Miners - Every miner you have will bring 100 coins a day
    * Soldiers (Offense) - Each soldier gives you an advantage when attacking a player
    * Guards (Defense) - Each guard will defend you if a player attacks you, the more you have the more chance you will survive
    * Spies (Spy on an enemy) - You can use your spies to have a peek and some of the players stats to have an idea if you will win or lose
    * Anti Spies (Protect yourself from spies) - Anti spies will stop the other player from gaining the advantage during the attacking stage.

    Attacking a player

    * Spy - You have the ability (if you trained spies) to spy on the other player before attacking, this lets you know if you are more likely to win or lose the fight
    * Attack - If you think you are now going to win the fight, attack them! If you win you will gain coins and experience, if you lose you will lose health

    The Shops

    There are many shops in pardiowars, you have to decide which one is best for you.
    * Weapons - There are over 72 items pre installed with PardioWars, each weapon is a different price and will give you a bonus in either attack or defence
    * Hospital - Once you have lost all your Health Points (HP) you have to visit the hospital, the hospital does cost so make sure you always have a small amount of money.

    General Features

    ~ Premium members - Ability to sign up to be a premium member editable in the admin area (Automatic)
    ~ Auto updating crons - adds attacks, money etc automaticly every, hour, day and week.
    ~ Private message system - This is our very advanced in game talking system, you can pm any user at any time, when the user next logs on it will flash up that they have a pm. This then is like any email/pm system, they can view, delete, reply etc. Admin can view any pms for abuse or spam etc.
    ~ The town - Simply a pretty way to play the game, it turns the game into images so you can go around the different places without the text. Every place has its own image/building and is very easy to navigate with big buttons
    ~ Stats - This will tell you everything you need to know about yourself, it gives all your stats, how many citizens you bring every day and money you make
    ~ Arcade - In V1.0 we only have 2 dice games, we will be releasing more as addons. If you win a game the user gains tokens which can be exchanged at the...
    ~ Token Exchange - Allows you to exchange your token for playable coins.
    ~ School - When you gain experience, you gain levels, when you are high enough you gain the ability to 'learn' special skills such as magic giving you a great advantage in the battle field.
    ~ Rules - Easy to edit rule system, add, delete or edit any rules you may have to keep you game running smoothly
    ~ Contact system - Allows the user to email the site admin
    ~ Help - Editable by the admin control panel, show the admins/help staff allowing the users to pm them easily
    ~ Edit info - You have 3 options, edit comments, these are the comments under your profile page. Edit password or edit email address
    ~ Guide - We have given our free guide to the game, feel free to edit or change it, even completely re do it if you wish!


    * Make a gang - Be the boss! Create your own gang to roam pardiowars, create allies and fight as a team.
    * Join a gang - Not got the money to create a gang? Join one and gain the same features
    * Gang bank - You may deposit money/lend money to members of your gang to help players out

    Admin Panel

    ~ Edit News - Allows you to edit your game news.
    ~ Edit Index - Allows you to edit the HTML content of index.php
    ~ Edit Rules - Allows you to edit your game rules page.
    ~ Edit Story - Allows you to edit your game story page.
    ~ Edit Guide - Allows you to edit your game guide page.
    ~ Edit Shops - Allows you to edit/add/remove and make shops premium only
    ~ Easy Logo Changer - Allows you to edit the logo of the game easily
    ~ Adsense Integration - Add and edit adsense easily and quickly, instant change on all pages.
    ~ User Admin - Ability to make any user admins
    ~ Premium cost price and paypal email


    Owned license + 12 months updates and support : $50 [Limited time only!]

    Buy :

    Installation service - Get pardiowars professionly installed : $15

    Buy :

    Completely unencoded : $299

    Please pm for unencoded payment details

    Changes Details

    V1.1 -> v1.2

    Premium members + premium shops
    When you add a shop it automatically edits the Shops page
    Delete/edit Shops option
    View shops and easy switch between premium and non.
    Enable and disable shop feature
    New Description (which is displayed) as well as if it shows on the shops page or not
    Above features added to make adding shops and items easier.
    Easy Logo Changer
    Adsense integration
    You can now make users Admin's by going to Manage Users
    Fixed the yesterday attack bug
    Fixed cron bug
    Reliable, safe, secure. A company that cares about their clients

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    V1.3 was released today! But can not re-post as its not been 7 days, check out the demo for the changes
    Reliable, safe, secure. A company that cares about their clients

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    Is source included/available? And if so what language?

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    To see all the coding it is $299, else the files are encoded. We are considering releasing a developer version with only one file encoded for development, will be around 100-150$. It is in english, let me know if you are interested.
    Reliable, safe, secure. A company that cares about their clients

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