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    Nice. Cheap. Template.

    Hey, my buddy asked me to try to sell this for him since he wont be using it. It comes with:

    - PSD File(s)
    - HTML File(s)
    - Images
    - Fonts
    - Free Text Changes (header)
    - Free buttons of your choice on the side
    - Free help with the html/images for 30 days

    He told me he is looking for around $50.00 for this template.... so its up to you on how much you want to take this for. You are allowed to sell it if you don't want to use it anymore. He can change a few of the images around for a small price.

    Here is the link to three screenshots of it. If you are interested in buying it then contact me and I will give you the url to the html template.

    If you need any modifications done to this he will do them for free/cheap. He is also willing to transfer the old content of your site (if any) onto the new site for a small fee.

    PM me, email me, aim me, icq me, post here, etc with your bids.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Make the watermarks lighter... you can't see the quality


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    I just uploaded the rest of the files he sent me... since I am to lazy to get him to redo em

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    Hi, could you please tell me what font that is?

    Good template, nice and clean!
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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    I'm interested to find out as well... I know the pixel font is called silkscreen, but I want to know what the logo font is...


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