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    * How To Sell A Domain Name? For Dummies, please.


    Sorry to ask a question that is probably quite stupid to most of you techies, but I'm not much of a techie.

    I have a really nice domain name I want to sell (.com and .net version) - well, at least to a specific "culture" it's nice...anyway, how do I do it???

    Sure, I've searched google, etc. but I don't really find any info that seems to answer my questions.

    Any advice?

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    I should mention that I have already listed the domain with sedo, but it just seems like there would be a way to speed up the selling process.

    And, I've never had the domain name appraised, if that makes a difference.

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    Appraisals is somewhat useful, if the domain is really good one, and you already have some offers. However they are mostly useless on non-english phrases.

    You can also list it at GoDaddy's TDnam domain market.

    If your domain name means something to people from a specific culture only, try to find a forum serving to the people of that culture -forum with a marketplace of course-
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    The best place for you would be to go to

    It's a free domaining message board.
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    Godaddy is good place

    it seems like godaddy is nice place or sedo which is one of the best on line. try to check out the new site like which is a kind of startup but seems to be friendly if you mail them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by budnet View Post
    I have a really nice domain name I want to sell (.com and .net version) - well, at least to a specific "culture" it's nice...anyway, how do I do it???
    You may get better response from people of that specific culture. Try posting in forsale or classifieds sections of portals, forums, blogs, socialnetworks etc associated with that culture.

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    Thanks so much for all of your feedback!

    These are some really great suggestions! I should've thought of craigslist sooner (duh!) I just have to go check to see if there is a craigslist for amsterdam...hmm...maybe there would be an even better location to post this in...I'll have to think about that.

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    The best domain name forum in my book is DomainState. It might not be the busiest, but in terms of domain names, I have learnt more from that place than all other places combined.

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