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    Anyone have experience with them? I did a search and couldn't find anything about them....their prices look good.....

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    well.. seems kind of fishy that they have super bandwidth, yet little disk space to offer. Things that make you go hmmmm. But if it's something you cant find here on the boards and they respond reasonable to you via email (and seem like they have a good support center), I would give it a shot. Just make sure they have a money-back guarantee (i didnt look).

    Best of luck!
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    The offer web design services and their web site does not load correctly on Netscape and Mozilla

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    get it connected.....

    if the hosting dont work... they can use it for a adult site
    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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    Or a organ donating organisation...

    "Got a spleen?!"

    Oh well...I tried...!
    It's coming... ^_^!

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    No reviews yet...ask the host to give some references.

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