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    ns1 vs ns2 setup on different DNS

    i am currently experimenting DNS with my 2 ips (each with separate servers spread over 2 geographic locations) and my zone file maps these IPs to and

    Both of my servers run DNS and with zone entry for my domain name. But when i stop the dns server on first IP (ns1) the second dns server (ip2) not working or resolving. Both are master servers.

    My question is if first server DNS fails, the second DNS should resolve? why it is not working. i guess that is reason why domain registrars ask for 2 name servers. if one fails other works as backup??

    how do i setup these? should i setup a slave or something?

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    Further dnsreport shows as lame nameserver. how to fix this?

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    797 is your answer.

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    Of course the second server should be working without problems if you stop the first server. What software are you using? Are you using one DB for both servers in case you are running mysql based DNS service and sharing one database between hosts and when one of the hosts goes down, the second can't connect to mysql and will not return queries?
    Play around with dig utility - it will help debugging your problem.

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    is it a must that 2 nameserver ips running on same server? i am using 1 nameserver ip on one dns server and other (ns2) on other dns server? confused::

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    It is the nameserver you have provided while registering the domain that matters.Check whois for the domain and confirm you have both the nameservers listed and if yes if the primary fail ; the name should be resolved from secondary

    Lame nameservers are caused if the data given at the parent nameserver (ie while registering the domain) does not match with that you provided in the domains zone file. Another indicator of what might be your first problem!

    As for requirement of 2 diffrent nameservers. The DNS RFC specifies that every zone must have at least 2 geographically seperated nameservers inoder to avoid a single point of failure.But having both on the same server is very very! common eventhough this is not the recommended setting
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