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    * Framed BB Site--does it work?

    Against most advice, I have put my bulletin board into a frame. The few who have seen it don't like it----but they also don't like ANY frames.... so please have a look.

    PS---Can someone please tell me how to make the middle scrollbar more narrow? HTML-101 maybe but---for some reason, I just never came across it---please, do tell. Thank you.

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    a forum with frames????

    bad idea
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    I tend to agree with RackFive. It's too...overwhelming.

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    I'd highly advise you to scrap the frames.

    It's making everything alot more confusing, and doesn't look so great design wise.

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    yep.. too confusing

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    come on, you have vbulletin so make something better...

    if you dont know alot about design get someone to make you a cool theme

    visit for get great vbulletin stuff
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    The frames and too much of the text in each frame makes it cumbersome. The buttons text is also not clearly visible. Ordinary buttons will be better than these. Try some other yellow shade. It is eye - pinching color.

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    Good god that's ugly and confusing! Lose the frames I say. - Pixellent Interactive

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