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    Syncing Your Phone With Mac?

    Since we now run everything 100% off Macbooks and Mac Pro's here at the office, I've run into one issue I can't seem to figure out -- how to sync my Windows Mobile smartphone with Mac OS X. I've tried Markspace's Missing Sync but it's consistently unreliable. Before you say "Buy an iPhone," let me tell you that I don't have plans to switch to a GSM carrier, but thanks anyway. I've heard about PocketMac from my BlackBerry days, but is it decent for WM? Any other suggestions on syncing? I basically just need my calender and contacts (iCal/Mail).


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    This is a nice forum, but the forums above may be a better place for you to ask your question....

    Personally, I'd ditch the mac os and move to a much better OS: Vista SP1.
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    I am not sure about Windows MObile phone, but you have mentioned to BlackBerry, I can say I am very happy with it. My 8800 BlackBerry can sync with my Macbook through PocketMac without any trouble

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