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    Advice on game servers.

    Hello guys, we have a server on a 100mbit connection, however we canít really justify the cost of keeping the server for what we use it for.
    The server has more than enough resources and bandwidth available to run a game server, I was thinking running a game server would help us cover the costs of the server.

    We were thinking of:
    UT 2004 (Or a game requiring similar resources) Ė 16 Slots Ė (None Public) - £7.50 a month
    UT 2004 (Or a game requiring similar resources) Ė 16 Slots Ė Public - £9.99 a month

    (With the ability to upload your own maps/mods)

    We are not wanting to start a business doing this at the moment, were just looking to generate a bit of extra cash to go towards our server bills.

    We have a test UT 2004 Server @ which I get 30-40 ping in.

    Would you say the price we are asking is reasonable?
    I donít suppose anyone here is just looking for a game server?

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    I'd say your best bet is to price a bit lower than other UK gameserver hosts, to give people an incentive to choose you over the proven company. I don't know much about the UK market and pricing, so I don't have much personal insight to base it off.

    What makes you choose UT2k4 over something more popular, such as Counter Strike or Counter Strike Source?
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  3. #3, charge £24 for a 16 man UT 2004, so we are priced quite cheap compared to them.

    UT 2004 is only a suggestion, we already have a UT 2004 server setup that can be ready for someone to use within 5 mins, we will happily install a game server for Counter strike or another game

    Where would be a good place for us to offer this? I noticed there is a section on here for server offers but I donít seam to have permission to post in there.

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