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    Search for VPS (I check page and alexa ranking and sucks sites)

    I search for a VPS with specs like the following:

    Disk Space: 10GB or above
    Monthly Bandwidth: 600GB or above
    Guaranteed RAM: 384MB or above
    Dedicated IP Address: 4 or above
    CPU: 20% from min 2.4Ghz or above
    OS: CentOS5, Panel: DirectAdmin
    Apache + PHP Pre-installed: php5 as module and php4 as cgi. Both compiled with default directadmin php settings plus non-default extensions >>> zend optimizer, image magick and php-imap

    Allowed content: legal adult content, proxy in a password protected folder for only private usage (Because of censorship bull$hit)
    Server must be outside Europe.
    Prefer paypal or credit card billing ,method.
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    I am interested in buy a vps on creativevps, but I want to have directadmin instead of cpanel. Is there a vps offer like creativevps, but with directadmin?

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    When you say like creativeVPS, do you mean fully managed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [LRC]Lloyd View Post
    When you say like creativeVPS, do you mean fully managed?
    Yes. But Currently I can't find DirectAdmin plans there.

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    Hi there,

    If you just submit a support ticket right after you order, we'll swap out cPanel + Fantastico for DirectAdmin + Installatron for you for the same price. Thank you.

    Mods, I don't know if that's allowed - but I was just clarifying things for the OP.

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