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    Help on GoDaddy Dedicated Server for Java Hosting

    I have a few questions regarding my dedicated linux server set up on GoDaddy, here they are :
    1)How can i upload my application to the tomcat server on my dedicated remote machine.
    2)How can i link the application in the tomcat to my domain name,is there any naming convention i need to use to my application on tomcat in order to run the application when a user access the domain name(ie; through internet.
    3)How can i access the dedicated server as a whole remotely from my local windows machine.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have a dedicated server then you're in charge. The first thing I'd recommend is PuTTY so that you can log into the server.

    Setting up Tomcat isn't that difficult but it sounds like you're just starting out with it. Check out the Tomcat documentation for more information. You'll need to setup a virtual host in Tomcat so that your website can be the "root" website. This will involve setting up DNS for your site too. I use EditDNS so that I don't have to host DNS on my machine.

    If you're using a control panel of some sort that may have some support for Tomcat too. I personally have never used a control panel but if you have one you might want to learn about what it can do too.
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