The Market theme was pretty popular around here, so I wanted to give everyone a quick update that a new version is now available. The new version uses an entirely new layout and introduces an easy way to add and manage products.

Improvements and new features include the following:

Entirely New Layout [Frontend] - A two column layout with a widgetized sidebar. Shows all normal posts on the left column and the latest 15 products on the right while on the homepage. On all inner pages and normal posts, you will see the widgetized sidebar on the right side. The individual product page has its own layout.

Buy Now and Add to Cart [Frontend] - Now the buy now and add to cart buttons will display side by side. No longer do you have to edit code or download a different version to get one or the other. Don't want to have the add to cart option or a straight up buy now button? Simply remove the form in single.php - it is plenty easy enough to find.

Dynamic Price [Frontend] - One of the requests I heard many times in the forums was what if you only have a few of a certain item, and that item sold out. Obviously you do not want a buy now or add to cart button there if there are no copies of your item left. Now when you remove the price from your item, the buy now / add to cart buttons will no longer display. But the items will still be listed as products. You will not have to delete the whole post.

Market Product Manager [Backend] - The Market Product Manager plugin, developed by John of Simply-Basic, makes adding products a cinch. Using javascript, image uploads are as simple as browsing to the image and clicking upload. The custom field data is set and saved for you. You can set the price, additional specs, and even color and size options from a new "Add Product" page from your dashboard. It is very self-explanatory and hands on. Beyond adding products, the plugin also gives you a nice "manage products" tab which will show you the item price, additional specs, and if a main product image and additional product images have been set, just like the normal manage posts section of the dashboard. Plus, the Market Product Manager works with any version of Market. Even if you wish to use an old version, the plugin will still work.

Check it out if you are interested:

Thanks in advance.
Enjoy the upcoming (long) weekend everyone!