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    Need a couple logos and banners made

    I made the logo for myself, but I don't think it's that professional to be honest..haha.

    I'm looking for a new logo for the main site (needs to be on that gray background).

    I'm also looking for a similar "all-purpose" logo with a white background that I can put on letterheads and on white parts of the site.

    Also, I'm looking to create some promotional graphics. 468x60 banner, 88x31 button, and a circular graphic.

    If you are a graphic designer, please PM me with your portfolio and rates on these various items. If you could give a discount for doing all the graphic work, that would be great (i believe most of these graphics will be very very similar).

    Benjamin Schrum
    Text Ad Market, LLC
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    171 at your service.. for custom packages please contact us using the contact us page.


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    Hey Billboard Guy! I remember you! I hired you many years back for a banner project! Good to see you around!

    Thanks guys, user "Phynom Technologies" has created a great logo for me. <= Phynom does great work, is very friendly, and very prompt. On a side note, I can also vouch for Billboard Guy's banner making skills.
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    Payment has been received.

    Goldfiles is a great customer.

    Thank you for your business

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    Phynom, wow, that is just an amazing logo. I haven't gotten any work done today, cause I just keep staring at it.

    I put up a "review my logo" thread over at DigitalPoint, and everyone says it's top notch! Thanks Again!
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