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    Firewall Script for your site (shared hosting okay)

    I've been using this script for a few of my sites and it has really worked out well for me. They have a referral program, so I figured I'd pass it along.

    From the site:

    * Can work with any PHP script
    * Included admin control panel allows full configuration of the software
    * Support for multiple administrators. You can add, edit, and delete accounts from the admin panel.
    * Admin panel update notification and news feeds keep you up to date on FWS
    * Fully configurable DOS protection allows you to block access to your site for a user when they have multiple requests in a short period of time
    * Fully configurable rules
    * CAPTCHA support in rules allows you to show a CAPTCHA verification on any matched request
    * Akismet integration allows you to do everything you can with rules when submitted text is identified as spam
    * Admin login logs allow you to keep track of which administrators are using the admin panel
    * Traffic logs for all traffic on your site (archived daily)
    * Blocked request logs show you what was blocked and show you everything PHP had available during the request so you can review blocked requests
    * Spam logs show you requests identified as spam through Akismet
    * DOS logs show you requests identified as DOS attacks and subsequently blocked
    * Help section gives you quick access to support for the software
    * Specify rule title, notes and category for your own referencing and categorization
    * Ability to log requests blocked by rule
    * Ability to get email notifications for requests blocked by rules
    * For requests matching a rule you can allow the request, exit script execution, show an error, show specified HTML, redirect to another page, execute a custom php plugin, or even show a CAPTCHA verification
    * Ability to look in all PHP superglobals
    * Full regex power gives you the ability to look for what you want, where you want

    PRICE: $120
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