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    Post How to deny access via

    Is there a way to prevent accessing the website using the

    Currently on most (all?) cpanel hosting plans it's possible to access the site via

    Maybe there is something to prevent that as it could cause very serious duplicate content issues.

    Moreover, I think it's a global bug that affects millions of hosting accounts. Yahoo, for example, many times indexes wrong URLs because of that... In many situations, if I knew your cpanel username, I could link to it instead of your domain to remove your site from search engines..
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    Got to WHM --> Security center --> Mod_user dir protection. Enable the protection.
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    The usage of ~username is actually a feature of apache server

    If you dont want that feature

    Just comment out the line

    LoadModule mod_userdir ...

    in your apache httpd config file
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    Thank you, even though on a shared host it's not possible to do it by myself, correct..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomaszb3 View Post
    Thank you, even though on a shared host it's not possible to do it by myself, correct..?
    You will need root-level access to the server in a cPanel/WHM environment to do this. Otherwise, contact your hosting provider. They do have the option to turn this on/off for specific websites if they desire.
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    Thanks, will do that.

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