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    Migration of Windows 2000 and 2003 Servers from 1 IDC to another

    I need to migrate some Windows 2000 and Window 2003 server from 1 IDC to another. Wonder what is the easiest way to change all the IPs in the IIS?

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    are you using a control panel ?.

    Since this from one version of iis to another apart from the OS , manual method is the suggested. And the Ip can assigned during the creation of domain.
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    If it is not already on your system, then it is available from the resource kit.

    There is a script generator for it somewhere, I forget the exact location, at

    It takes a base address, and a mask and generates all the commands that you can copy and paste into a command window, or a text editor for later deployment.

    Much better than point and click

    That takes care of the network stack. Then you will need to change the bindings on any dependent services. For IIS, you can script the bindings on Win2Kx using management objects, or search and replace in Win2k3 as an additional method.
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