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    Question Fastservers With Slackware?

    Has anyone had any problems with a dedicated server at fastservers with a slackware installation?

    I am looking for a dedicated server at a good price and a decent services, but I would also like to have a slackware OS installation.

    Unfortunately, after a few days of emails and quotes of various prices I was told that a slackware installation was not possible as their hardware vendor has "not had good luck with Slackware on our servers and are not prepared to do the custom installation".

    Has anyone managed to get a slackware install running at fastservers, and could they shed any light on these problems?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    That's a bunch of crap.

    Hardware isn't supported by any particular distro, it is supported by the kernel (linux).

    They are probably not experienced with installing slackware (which is actually VERY easy) and giving you this as an excuse.

    Someone please prove me wrong

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    ahh, slackware....

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    It's more of a matter of what the hardware vendor is experienced with, and you're correct, Slackware's installation procedure is one of the simplest around for a Unix platform.

    This would be one of those cases where we'd just have the hardware delivered and we'd take care of the software installation, etc. Perhaps there was another circumstance that I'm not aware of.... at any rate, we certainly do not reject Slackware boxes.

    We'll go over this internally and see where we're at and how to better address this in the future.

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