Ok guys, I am relisting imageox.com with a bin this time, I know the potential of this website, as I developed this with huge interest, and I still hate to sell this baby since its growing fast but unfortunately I need finances for my other needs. The major features of this website are

1. Upload Images with the following features..
--- Single or multiple images
--- Images from computer or from any site
--- Formats : jpeg, jpg, jpe, png, gif, wbmp, and xbm
--- Resize Images
--- Watermark images
--- Include actual image resolution information bar
--- Include actual image resolution information bar on thumbnail
--- Include date on top left corner
--- Make photograph borders
--- Make one pixel border around picture

2. Image Upload Addon

this is if any websites want to use it, for example it can be used in any forums.
find more details about the features below on the website.

3. Image Randomizer
4. Create Autorun CD Presentations
5. Create Image Galleries (password protected, public or private galleries)
6. Create Image Slideshow
7. Manage Image Series such as Folders
8. Create personal profiles
9. Search images, galleries, profiles (private settings, comments)
10. Browse images, galleries, profiles
once an image is upload visitors can post comments, rate images, view if it belongs to any gallery, get codes etc.

Some Facts about ImageOX

It is online since September 2, 2006. here is the first image

Pagerank : 5

Google analytics stats

Alexa Rank

I have never tried to monetize it. But I know since its becoming big, one can implement small things like similar images and increase more pageviews and display banners, link sales, adsense etc.

Total Images : 266K // as I am writing this thread
Total user profiles : 4320
Total user albums / galleries : 830+

I didnít notice there was glitch in my server since last couple of months, as I have a dedicated server that I use for my personal projects. But below are the bandwidth stats from webalizer..

July 2007 : imageox.com 127.47 Gig
August 2007 : imageox.com 221.39 Gig
September 2007 : imageox.com 396.82 Gig
October 2007 : imageox.com 317.29 Gig

so I think it would be around 400-600 GB per month. But am not sure exactly. It has consumed about 8-10GB. I have hosted about 40 of my websites with high traffic on my server that costs me $230 per month, but as I said my other sites receive more traffic and I got dedicated server before launching this website, so its on that. If you post a project for someone to code something like this they would charge you minimum of $3k-$5k, as I am programmer myself I know how much programmers charge for something like this.

Site : http://www.imageox.com/

What else is included with the sale ?
Not only that you will get the following domains


But you will also get 2 of my other forums, why I am selling these forums is same because I need money.

First forum is a revenue sharing forum like DP,

I spread a word about it in past then got busy with other projects, but it still gets 200-300 u/v per day with some adsense clicks as well. The adsense revenue sharing module can be configured through Admin Panel. Its PR was 5 but it dropped in this update, but I am sure it will be back to PR 5 again. It has also a good domain name, I got a private offer on my forum for this domain name for $700 in past. Its based on phpBB forum software and some very good mods installed on it, you can browse and check the forum too.

The other forum is all coded by me, I coded the Yahoo answers engine, that not only adds the content on daily basis automatically with cron but also displays users online in stats, sets their avatars and signature, increases page views, updates threads when there are new replies. Since google found it somehow they have given it Pagerank 3 and


Its already indexed in google and some traffic also comes from google, its traffic is almost to none, but it needs some buzz to be created.. its a custom skin, but can be changed easily..

If you analyze the coding, the age of sites and the domain names, thatís all worth paying.

I will be looking for something around 8-10K, but I will set a price so that if I can get the sales quickly.

I got a private offer at DP for $4k, but I know it is worth more than that.
I will set the Buy it now for $7k. But you can still send me private offers or post your offers close to what is my asking price here.

best regards