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    Password protecting streams?

    In an April 2003 post Douglas wrote the following.

    Password protecting streams?

    I run a few Windows 2003 servers that do Video streaming. We've got problems with people getting the URL and pulling the streams on their own for free.

    What is the best way to password protect windows media streams? We only want the streams to be sent through another server and then displayed to the end user.

    Server A: Website that contains content.
    Server B: Windows Media Streaming server.

    We want the streams to only be viewable via either the username/password combo entered in on Server A...


    To only allow streams to be delivered through a page sitting on Server A.

    What's the best way to do this?

    There never was a solution given.

    Our radio station recently ended a popular standards music format (Sinatra, Streisand, Mathis, etc); a move that saddened many of our older listeners. We are interested in seeing if we can get enough people to pay a monthly subscription fee to cover the costs of streaming this format (commercial free) via the Internet.

    As of yet we have not found a way to password protect a live stream on a Windows Media Player and since we would have to pay for each song played at each IP address, we need to have that protection in place before we start.

    Any suggestions?

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    Sorry, I can't answer that question. However, keep in mind that your CARP licensing fees may go up because you're going "subscription based."

    For more information on CARP, visit

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    what's your stream control panel? if it's just CentovaCast, you can easily add a password to the stream in the Server Configuration settings.
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    krnoble - we also had the simillar requirment with our windows 2003 based windows steaming server. we had to hire a .net developer to write a plug-in for windows media server to get this to work.

    we authendicated the user using a PHP/mySQL application and granted viewing permission for the user for the spaecic IP address from which he authenticated.

    then plug in for WMS did a look up on the table for the IP address before sendign the stream to the server.

    This worked well.

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