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Thread: Data Migration

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    Data Migration

    First off, I hope this is the correct section of the site to post, if not, apologies in advance.

    Here is what I am looking to do.

    On my current host I have approx 250GB of data that I need moved to a new machine I have purchased. The new machine is a linux box.

    1. What is the best way to move the data, without downloading it to my local machine
    2. I was thinking of grabbing a windows vps for a month, and transferring it all via FTP

    Any thoughts or suggestions you can offer, would be greatly appreciated.


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    The best method probably wouldn't be via FTP but via SCP or RSYNC and if you're transferring many small individual files, I also think you should tar them together and then transfer as one large file or few large segments to speed up the process.

    You may also want to hire ap orfessional or your new host to pay some extra for the transfer service if its not already included

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    Thanks for the input on this. It is much appreciated.

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