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  1. #1 - New directory launch. Free/Paid Advertising available.

    Hello All,, a new directory/portal for ebusiness related service providers will be officially launched on September 1, 2002. The site was pre-launched on August 1, 2002.

    Over 50 categories of online businesses are available, including 8 web-hosting-specific categories.

    Basic category listings are free. To add your free listing, access the main web hosting category here:

    Next, select a sub-category and use the "add my listing" link to submit your info. You may select up to 3 relevant categories to place your listing.

    In addition to free listings, we also have a number of paid advertising options available, including priority listings w/brochure page, banner ads, and text links.

    As a special pre-launch offer, advertising spots are available at a 30% discount. This offer expires August 31, 2002. You may also pre-order advertising with this discount for future launch dates, as long as the order is completed by August 31st.

    We are currently promoting this directory to the small business community, both online and offline, making this a worthwhile offer to list your site.

    If you provide services other than web hosting, be sure to checkout additional channels to submit your site, such as web design, ecommerce, marketing and others.

    You can visit the main directory here:

    If you have any questions, please post them here or email [email protected]


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    Site looks awesome!

    What are your targets in terms of visitors/page views per month.



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    Hello Kendall,

    We have a number of offline and online advertising in place for September.

    We are looking to hit about 4000-5000 unique visitors in Spetember, with about 1000-2000 additional visitors per month after that. Most of the advertising starts in week 1/2 of september, which is why we are offering discounted advertising as we prepare for launch.

    Glad to see you like it.. we are very excited about the project.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    I like your directory a lot, but I wish you had a category for Web Hosting Resources….

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    Hey site keeper..

    We fully expect to add more categories. The list in place is just our initial list, but im sure feedback from folks will enlighten us on more...

    Can you elaborate on what you mean? Are you talking about a category "for" web hosting company owners?

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    No, I was talking about websites like WHT, hosting forums, and sites like my own . It is a help website for new web host.

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    Thats a really good idea.. The whole point of this directory was to provide a central location for people in ebiz.. even if you are running a biz that is under a category in the directory. There are some business sectors such as hosting that are an industry in and of itself.. so of course people need places like WHT and your website to just stay on top of things..

    Im going to stew on it a bit and think up some categories that would provide access to resources for some of the service provider categories already in place..

    Thanks for the suggestion.. I will post on this thread when I have the new categories up so you can post your site.. I will defnitely have at least one directory for "Web Hosting Resources".

    If you know of anyone else that could use the web hosting resources directory let them know..

    If you or anyone has other category suggestions .. let me know...

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    "Web Hosting Resources" category ready.

    You will now find a category named "Web Hosting Resources" within the main Web Hosting category.

    Anyone feel free to submit your site for review/inclusion.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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