Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce AIH Script v2.2 is available now!
Checkout the demo and new features!

http://yabsoft.info/demo/aihspro/admin demo/demo


Important update for existing clients

Due to the long release date of AIHS v2.2, we will extend part of expired memberships for 3 months for free. The policy is as follows:

Any customser who ordered AIHS Pro, AIHS standard or AIHS Lite edition during Dec. 31, 2006 - May 20, 2007 will recieve this 3 months extending. That is to say, if your order has ended at any time point during Dec. 31, 2007 - May 20, 2008, we will extend your order to be validated untill Aug. 20, 2008.

If you are just the one who satisfy the condition, please PM me with your client username to recieve this extending.

Main changes for AIHS 2.2

1. New template engine
Template EXTENSION Supported. With it, you will easily extend your templates with AIHS. We have attached a sample extenstion "minilogin" to show a user login form on any page with the following code in HTML files:
HTML Code:
2. New upload method:
Flash upload supported and its progress bar is showing
3. Applet upload:
JUPLOAD is upgraded to the latest version v0.90
4. Member area:
User own page, like this: yoursite.com/users/username.html
User can resend validate code
Entering coupon code on registering
5. Security improvment:
Admin password is now md5-encoded and after 3 fail logins, login feature will be disabled for 15 minutes.
PHP, CGI file types are disabled by AIHS although you allow it from admin panel!
New technology to analyse MySQL Query to stop SQL injection.
6. TAB design supported:
TAB design for upload form
TAB design for popular/top lists on index page.
7. "Family Safe" feature supported:
With this feature, you can manually assign the non-adult uploaded images as "Family Safe" status.
Then you can only show these "Family Safe" images on index, new, top, popular pages by setting
the option "Only show Family Safe images on new, top, popular pages?" at admin panel>site>configuration

8. Sending emails via SMTP method. You can use this option if the default email sending is not working or not supported on your server.

9. Show languages chooser on index page. User can choose their own language and it will be recorded in the cookie for next visiting

10. New site setting options:
Enable Static Url for gallery page: decide if AIHS use static url for gallery pages.

How many upload fields on upload form: by default, it is set to 1.

Popup ads for these filetypes: The popup ads will not popup on show page when users are viewing images with these filetypes.
Only show these image types on new, top, popular pages: you can use it to hide the non-images files on new/top/popular page.

Only show Family Safe images on new, top, popular pages: Using it, you can stop adult images showing on your public page of your site.

Thumbnail type: fix or soft. If you choose "fix", the thumbnails will be resized to the fixed size height x width, otherwise, it will be generated in proportion to the original images!