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    WHM/Cpanel logon issues

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether the following behaviour was coded into windows, or whether it is our server that is causing it, and how to change it if it's possible to do so.

    Whenever I go to log on to either WHM/Cpanel or the Cpanel webmail (so anything to do with cpanel really), I get a network logon prompt appear in windows, as shown here.

    It isn't exactly a problem, but that prompt doesn't seem to pass the info to the server correctly, and so the prompt will reappear without completing the logon.

    If I click the cancel button, the normal logon screen will then appear, and I can log on with no problems, but it's beginning to get annoying to keep having to do this.

    Does anyone know any way to change this behaviour?

    In the offchance that it is caused by windows, I am running Vista Ultimate.
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    You mean you type in username and password but the login window reappear asking for username and password again?
    Normally when you click cancel, cpanel will redirect to html login page. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Try lowering your security settings a bit on your Windows PC.

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    110 was the security settings. User authentication was set to 'automatic logon only in intranet zone'. I've changed it to anonymous logon, and it goes straight to the cpanel logon page now.
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