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Thread: Need Help~!

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    Need Help~!

    I am a student and i am here to learn sumthin about Web design and web tools to create my own website and to make it popular
    I know sumwhat about flash and adobe photoshop...and dreamwaver.. can anyone help me a bit ..
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    Ok, you could start from this, there are lot of website which provides tutorial cources about web design, start your own website and go on
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    Tutorials and Guides are the way to learn... and always remember: "Google is your best friend"... so use it and it'll provide you with everything that you need in order for you to learn.

    Take care.
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    There are many resources out there on the internet to help you learn how to design and code web pages these days. If you prefer I am sure your local library has some books that would be useful to you and if you are really clueless when it comes to this sort of thing you might want to hit up for some design and HTML/CSS books.
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    Try Joomla. Joomla has better design options.

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    Though I do agree that the tutorials and guides you're likely to find through a Google search is a fine way to learn, if you have specific, pointed questions, rather than asking for "something about Web design", laying each out one by one would be a more direct way to get help here. :-)
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    I have found this site to be a great help with a little of everything
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    Do a search around but there are many great PSD tutorial sites out there. I believe is a great one. Get some inspiration from

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    In the end you will just use Photoshop, Flash (if you prefer flash designs), and a text editor so it's best to just start off using those applications.

    For graphic design you should start off by getting used to Photoshop. When I started googled for a lot of tutorials and visited websites such as,,,,, and found more links to other websites on those sites. Time and practice will really be the key in learning how to create nice designs.

    Once you're a descent designer you can learn XHTML and CSS. This is crucial if you'd like to bring your designs to life. If you just plan on making ad banners, posters, logos, and so on then this isn't necessary. However, if you do plan on creating interactive websites I suggest you master XHTML and CSS. Those are very simple languages to learn.

    Once you've mastered Photoshop (and/or Flash), XHTML, and CSS you can design and code your web designs. You would do this by cutting the images you need from your designs in Photoshop and then putting them together with XHTML and CSS in a text editor. Finally, if you wish to create a truly interactive and fun website you'd have to learn PHP and MySQL. To fancy your website with cool drop downs, and automatic functions you'd need to learn JavaScript (AJAX).

    There's a lot to learn so go google around and have fun!

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    Why would anyone master Photoshop to design websites? Fireworks will be sufficient imho.
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    I believe your going to get into a discussion here which is better, FW or PS and it comes down to preference and some skill level as well. Personally - I prefer Photoshop over FW though - my main reason is because I simply don't have the time to learn FW.

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