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    Arrow Good enough ?


    I have just finished why first ever website template, i was wondering for views and feedback. I would really like to sell this so i need to make it the best it can.



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    Personally, I'm not a yellow person, another color I might like it a whole lot more.
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    I kinda like it.. I might suggest trying to get the client login further up the page.

    Yea.. Yellow can be a bit of a nuisance on a white background(or vice versa as it may be).. in a really bright office or outside when it is sunny it can be hard to see. Maybe a darker shade of gray for the same reasons.

    Good designs of luck.

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    The layout of the design is good; however; I agree with the others; the design is very soft and needs some darker colors to sharpen it up. On a good thought; great job for your first.

    Try a golden yellow and some darker gray.

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    I like the design, it is very neat, but I would go with some different colour or colours like dark red or dark blue.
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    The yellow/orange is way too bright, but otherwise I like it
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