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    Please test download speed for me



    On a 4mbps connection I get 353KB/sec from One, but only 60KB/sec from Zero. And please include your location. I am located in Turkey and looking for results from Europe/Asia.

    thank you!

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    May 2008
    200kb/s from Germany 100mbps Server
    130kb/s from my 4mbps home cable line

    180kb/s from Germany 100mbps Server
    180kb/s from my 4mbps home cable line
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    Quad Cities, Iowa
    9.36 mbps from Chicago 100mbps server

    8.08 mbps from Chicago 100mbps server
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    I'm on two T1's bundled together. I get about 300Kb/s. This is from Charlotte, NC.


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    # Zero
    100kb/s from 1mbps tmnet (malaysia) connection.

    # One
    70kb/s from 1mbps tmnet (malaysia) connection.
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