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    Website Design & Development

    Hello all,

    I can provide quality, affordable website design and development, for example:

    • Full website featuring your plans, contact details etc etc
    • Dynamic scripting, for example - custom updatable prices, whatever you want
    • Script customisation and setup
    • Specialist in custom order scripts

    I offer very affordable services, I also have a friend who can do more advanced graphic design if need be.

    Prices are project-dependant but can start from $30

    You can visit my portfolio at

    Please contact me if you have any questions.


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    In my humble opinion, that was a poor description of the services you offer. It seems your "wasting space" with the (etc, etc). If I were you, and I'm assuming you like getting business, I'd describe your services in full with a more in-depth explanation.

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    I can provide almost any service you require, I have a good contact base so if you are after something which I feel my skills are not as advanced in for example jsp I can put someone else onto it.

    Website design services - customised templates, html slices, designs

    Website development services - programming in ASP,PHP utilising databases are my speciality. For instance for ease of updating you may want to have a login area of your site where you can update your prices quickly and easily at the click of a button.

    That's an example of a simple job I could provide, things could be much more advanced for example a full bespoke content management system.

    A consultation would involve discussing ideas of what you are looking for in your web presence and how I can put your ideas into your site.

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