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    Question Can you help me out finding a suitable host.

    Hi everyone,

    I am putting together a website together for a family member who own's the domain name:

    Now before anyone jumps down my throat about this site being porn, it is not. The site will offer female inmate's biographical info and for a fee, a customer can purchase their contact information so they can write to them ala penpal style.

    So, the things I know that will be needed are:

    - Database access for updating customer accts and transactions, female bio's w/ a pic or 2. I know java, jsp's, and javascript I want to be able to design the site in these languages/scripts.

    - I am thinking I will probably need disk space in the 200 to 500 mb range for starters and traffic wise I am thinking around 1 GIG a month.

    - Since I plan on using java to code the site in, do most hosts have an application server for the use of java, mySQL, and Tomcat? Do most already have this available?

    - Internet Merchant acct that can handle customer's orders ala Verisign, PayPal (maybe), check, and money order. I would want the host to be able handle the customer transations.

    - I would prefer a host that might have a shopping cart system in place that I could customize and add on to with my java coding experience.

    Well, I think that about does it. If anybody thinks I forgot to mention anyhting crucial, please let me know. Comments, suggestions, and estimates on price per month are welcome.

    Thanks everyone


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    to request webhosting, you ened to sue the webhost request forums, we are not allowed to advertise in here.

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    quezwood, is your family member a prison guard or warden, who is profiting by selling the incarcerated ladies personnel information?

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