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    Hostpacket Tech Support Review

    This isn't going to be dolled up, but I wanted to mention this because of their persistent support.

    I've been having a subdomain problem for the past five days. I wanted to redirect this folder, and create a subdomain with the same name. He kept telling me basically the same thing, and it kept redirecting to that folder, except in stealth mode.

    Finally, he just figured it out. I changed it, and now all is well!

    I'm not sure about how other Technical Support might approach a frustrating problem, but even after five days, Adam was thinking with a clear head. I'm thinking that with some other people, they might just give up and say that it's out of their hands.

    I'm happy to be onboard with Hostpacket!
    Bryan Villarin
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    Yes tech support is good at hostpacket. But their Nameserver is often down.

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    hostpacket has a good customer support. Good host service there.

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