We require a developer to build an online accounts area for our customers.

The basic overview will be for our users to login and view their telephone bill online, view PDF invoices etc.

We currently have an offline billing system written in MS SQL server, running on our windows based server in our office. We anticipate having this system dropping information directly into the online area for customers to view on a daily basis. Our server runs virtually 24/7 and does rating of calls on a daily basis.

Project will probably need to be written in PHP or .NET, i don't know, but we are looking at having a number of features such as:

1. Allowing PDF bills to be viewed.
2. Live usage from our billing engine.
3. Searchable history - customers can search history etc.
4. Graphs etc of spends.
5. Customized reports e.g. customer can export to CSV certian days/phone numbers etc.
6. Client can customize description of their phone numbers.
7. Simple ability of add/change their details etc
8. Online payment interface - basically just a link to our CC provider, and also the other forms of payment outlined.
9. Ability to print invoices etc and usage where needed.
10. The possibility of a customer being able to txt a shortcode for their balance (we can provide the service for this).
11. Txt & Email alerts for usage & abnormal call usage too!

We want this system to be based on Visibill - www.visibill.co.nz provided by callplus. It you have a look at the specs for this system we are after similar functionalities in ours.

The biggest thing for us is reporting, and being able to generate numerous reports for customers out of one easy to use system. Keeping it simple yet powerful is our overall goal.

To tender for this, i need you to email us on: [email protected] with two previous projects you have done (NO MORE!). Also your name, country of residence (so we know the time difference), and also a contact phone number (mobile & land appreciated). A price is always handy too! We have a rough budget in mind and want to get this project kicked off soon.

GET BACK ASAP - If we find the best person we will take them!