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    * NEW Colo Pricing! FREE Setup! Unmetered connections!

    The New York NOC Inc. is proud to offer WHT members free setup on any of the packages below. Please email us to order any of these services! Our sales email is sales(@)

    Location: New York, USA

    Colocation Packages

    Per 1U = $70/month
    1/4 Open Rack = $399/month
    1/2 Open Rack = $599/month
    Full Open Rack = $799/month

    1/4 Cabinet = $499/month
    1/2 Cabinet = $699/month
    Full Cabinet = $899/month

    Burstable Bandwidth
    Each server is placed on a 100Mbps burstable connection for optimal performance when you need it! Buying a commited amount of bandwidth locks in a lower rate per Mb and includes ~5 IP per Mb commited (as justified per ARIN guidelines). Burstable bandwidth is billed based on 95th percentile usage.

    Your choice between 1-9 Mbps = $36/Mbps
    Your choice between 10-20 Mbps = $32/Mbps
    Your choice between 21-50 Mbps = $28/Mbps
    Your choice between 51-100 Mbps = $24/Mbps

    Unmetered Bandwidth Connections
    Need a big bandwidth for a small price without billing surprises at the end of the month? These unmetered connections may be just what you need. Perfect for web, download and media streaming sites.

    10 Mbps Non-Burstable = $150/month
    20Mbps Non-Burstable = $300/month
    50Mbps Non-Burstable = $750/month
    100Mbps Non-Burstable = $1500/month

    To order any of our colo packages please email us or visit our website at

    We can accommodate requests larger than 100Mbps as well. Please email us for more information.

    Thank you
    UNetLab Network Simulator Hosting
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    New York, NY
    Where in New York is this facility located? Are these offerings in your Long Island facility?

    Brendan Diaz

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    Yes it is. This is our only location at the present time.

    I forgot to mention our providers:

    Level3, Global Crossing, Sprint, Qwest, Cogent
    UNetLab Network Simulator Hosting
    Prepare for your CCNA/CCNP/CCIE certifications today!

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    Qwest? When did you get Qwest in there? Really strengthening your network there. (I don't even see it listed on the DC's website).
    Robert @ SmoothVPS - Since 2008

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    so $70 for the rack. and 36 for 1mps? total of $106 for 1u server?

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