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    * Limestone Networks, FREE UNMETERED 10MBPS ON ALL S3 SERVERS!

    Limestone Networks
    Simple. Solid. Superior.

    Use coupon code: WT8D1UN for FREE Unmetered 10mbps Bandwidth Off For Life on all S3 (Marble) Line of Servers!!
    This offer expires May 26 2008

    Who are you?
    After more than a year of planning, Limestone Networks, Inc. made its online debut in the fall of 2007 bringing together some of the best and most experienced professionals in the hosting industry with experience ranging from 5 10 years.

    What's a Dedicated Server?
    A dedicated server is a single computer on a high speed, highly reliable hosting network that is leased and dedicated to just one customer who retains full access to the server's resources. In layman's terms, you get a fast server on a enormously large fiber internet pipe in a secure location to host things on.

    How long until my server comes online after I order?
    Our server install times are guaranteed in 2-4 hours, but typically our provisioning team will have the server installed in under 2 hours assuming there are no hardware upgrades to perform and test.

    Do you offer Remote Reboot?
    Yes! Our client portal offers a remote reboot function, as long as you can access the internet, you can reboot your server from anywhere! Yet another way Limestone Networks offers you peace of mind.

    How do I pay?
    All of our servers are billed automatically every 30 days to the credit card number you provide during purchase. We now are pleased to offer PayPal payments for your server. PayPal payments are accepted directly through our order form.

    What are other costs associated with leasing a server from Limestone?

    There are no setup fees, and no hidden costs. Our servers cost the same each and every month, and that cost is provided to you before order. The only way you would be charged more is by going over the package bandwidth limit.
    Bandwidth overage is $0.25/gb.
    We offer discounts if you pay for 6mo-1yr, call our sales department and find out more!
    What comes with a dedicated server at Limestone?
    Unlimited bandwidth on Limestone's backend network (Limestone Private Tunnel) for data transfer between other Limestone servers.
    Operating systems including Windows Server 2003, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, and more!
    Root access to server
    Ultra fast connection to the internet over Limestone's private fiber connections with Level-3 and Global Crossing
    Control panel options, VPS options, and more!
    More info is available on our website at

    Use coupon code: WT8D1UN for FREE Unmetered 10mbps Bandwidth Off For Life on all S3 (Marble) Line of Servers!!
    This offer expires May 26, 2008

    There is live chat on the website if you have questions for us, or you can contact us directly by email at [email protected]. You can also give us a call at 877-586-0555.
    Mike G. - Limestone Networks - Account Specialist
    Cloud - Dedicated - Colocation - Premium Network - Passionate Support
    DDoS Protection Available - Reseller Program @LimestoneInc - 877.586.0555

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    Ordered and will keep all posted

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    Did contacted you Mike throuth you live chat and did leave message, I never get response regarding my question?...

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