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    Thumbs up GIG-A-DEAL 2, Quality hosting for a fair price.

    Hello there, thank you for reading our offer.

    Before you read any further we like to let you know that the below offer will not be the cheapest you can find at this forum or somewhere else, if you are looking for rock bottom prices please check an other offer in this forum, if you are however looking for REAL quality hosting solutions for the right price, feel welcome to read on.

    040 Hosting is offering a wide scale of hosting solutions from shared-servers, reseller accounts, semi-dedicated and dedicated solutions.

    Due to the success of our first GIG-A-DEAL promotion we created this GIG-A-DEAL2 Promotion here in the forums, but feel free to ask us for a special deal which fits your hosting needs, no customer is the same, so why would our packages be ?

    GIG-A-DEAL2, is our current promotion;
    Valid for our EU and US servers.

    What will you receive:

    5GB of real Storage (if you want to upload a 5GB file or just fill it up with smaller files, we are okay with it!)
    30GB of Quality Transfer (same as storage you may use it all).
    24x7 Quality support, by means of our ticket system (or phone during business hours).
    A free* .com .net .org or .nl domain with each order.

    All this for EUR 8,50 a month (VAT included where applicable in the EU).

    Read more and order now at:

    040 Hosting Contact details can be found here:

    040 Hosting informational blog can be found here:

    Contacting 040 Hosting sales for additional questions:

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Do you have a 30 day money back guarantee
    A: Yes we have a limited 30 day money back guarantee, which means that additional services you order, i.e. domains, ssl, nas, ip and software is not included in the money back guarantee.

    Q: You don't allow overselling, but do you oversell your server yourself?
    A: No we do not oversell our server, when a server is at 80% of its capacity we roll in a new server. If this happens your account creation might be on hold for a short while as we need our techs to setup a new server. Of course we inform our customers if this would be the case.

    Q: What if we are not happy with the customer support? Can we escalate our requests?
    A: While unlikely, you are able to contact the senior management when you are not happy with the support you receive and we will find a way to solve this issue as soon as possible. We moderate all our tickets to see if our customer support is handling tickets correctly, your satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

    Q: You advertise 24x7 support are you really offering it?
    A: Yes we offer 24x7 support, and are proud of our average response time of 20 minutes. Note we only have ticket support, so that our support engineers can help you no matter what time it is.

    Q: Can we call 040 Hosting for sales questions?
    A: Yes you can, but please check our site for phone number and the best time to call.

    Q: Do you deliver support in other languages as English ?
    A: Yes we do also deliver support in Dutch. Note that you can still use our configuration panel in many other languages the only languages for contacting us are Dutch or English. Note that support in dutch is 5x8 and not 24x7

    Q: Do you offer pro-rated refunds.
    A: Yes, not only we offer a 30 days money back guarantee, we are so sure you will like our hosting we offer pro-rated refunds for our yearly packages as from the third month of our service. (See our complete terms of service for more information, or contact our sales team for more information).
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