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    Free livechat service for 5 companies


    We are a new company providing live chat services for companies. As we are just starting out, we need valuable feedbacks and comments so we can fine tune our operations before we start the business.

    We like to offer free livechat services for a month to any companies willing to let us be of service. In return, we would appreciate very much if you would give us comments on how we can improve further.

    If you are interested, kindly contact us livechatnow at hotmail through MSN or email.

    How it works?
    1) Let us know that you are interested by contacting us.
    2) We will send you the livechat pogram's codes so you can add it to your website. If you do not know how to add, we can do it for you.
    3) If you have any instrutions, just let us know.
    4) We will start providing livechat services to your customers. We will also provide monthly stats and transcripts of all conversations we had with your customers.
    5) Send us comments and feedbacks so we can improve.
    6) If you are satisfied with our service, you can send us testimonal or your company logo. We will place your logo on our website.
    7) All of the above at no charge at all for a month.
    8) There is no obligation to further the service after the month ends.

    We can provide sales support or sales /technical support. We are familar with cpanel, WHM and plesk. We are willing to learn any other control panels you have too. This offer is not restricted to hosting company. We can provide support for any industry.

    Thank you,

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    4 more companies left


    We have accepted 1 company. We can still work for 4 companies. If you are interested, do get in touch with us.

    One common question asked is whether we are providing livechat software or live chat support service?

    The answer to that qusetion is, we are providing live chat support service. We have a team of people ready to answer any questions from your customers online.

    We can work off hours as we are located in Singapore.
    First shift: 8am 4pm (Singapore time), 12pm - 8am GMT
    Second shift: 4pm 12am (Singapore time),8am 4pm GMT

    Let us provide customer service on your website when you are offline.

    Looking forward...

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    we are interest
    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

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    Hi Cymedia,

    How can we contact you?


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    Just realized that you have your AIM details there. We will contact you soon.


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    Hey, I am intrested too.. Please contact me!

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    Cymedia, I have added your AIM.
    ia-Bedot, I have added your MSN too...just add me when you are online.


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    Nothing come through yet?

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    I must have used the wrong info. How would you like me to contact you?

    let me know,

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