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    * Reseller Special - YOU Set Your Own Price Auction - Anon Nameservers

    We're doing something a bit different on this one. Up for "sale" or "auction" is our Rs1-Light Reseller Plan. Regular price for this plan is 18.95 a month or 189.50 a year.

    We are putting up for auction 4 deals, with a starting bid of 5.00 per month or 50.00 per year. Your yearly cost if you prefer to pay by the year will be 10 times your monthly cost, so you get two months for free.

    Please post bids to this thread, and keep the bid increments reasonable.

    If anyone wishes to purchase a "Deal" without bidding the cost will be 10.00 per month or 100.00 per year. In addition, all bids of 10.00 per month will be honored (even if it's more than 4), up to the available amount, which at this time is about 7 or 8 only.

    Bidding will end on 8/26/02 at 1 P.M. GMT. Sales ends 8/31/02, or when all available packages are sold.

    Need A Larger Plan? Ask for similar deals on all of our plans.

    Here are the details....

    Ensim Control Panel with anonymous nameservers.
    1000 MB Storage
    10 GB Bandwidth per month
    Reseller Admin Control Panel
    Up To 25 Domains
    Site Admin Control Panel
    User Admin Control Panel
    Domain Aliasing System
    Admin File Management System
    Complete Site Backup System
    Complete Site Restore System
    Integrated File Editor System
    MySQL Databases
    PHPMyAdmin Database Control Panel
    Configurable User Disk Quota
    Unlimited Web Space Users
    Unlimited FTP Users
    Unlimited POP3 & SMTP Users
    Unlimited WEB MAIL Email Users
    SMTP, POP3, & Imap Server
    Web Based Email Server
    Email Forwarding System
    Email Mailing List System
    Email Autoresponder System
    Apache Web Server
    Spam Mail Filter System
    Directory Protection System
    Mod PERL
    Pro-FTPD FTP Server
    SSH Shell Access
    Server Side Includes
    FrontPage 2000-2002 Extensions
    Web & FTP Log Analyzer
    Site Useage Report Manager
    Storage & Bandwidth Monitor
    Webalizer 2.01 Site Statistics
    24 Hour Email Support
    1-800 Phone Available 12+Hours a day
    No Cost to Upgrade to a Larger Plan

    Please email [email protected]

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    ok, I'll place the opening bid of $5

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    i'll also bid $5

    GMT official time:
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    I bid $15.

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    BID for $5.95
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    Bid $7.00

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    wait, you don't have any uptime guarantee?

    in your aup:
    "Agree To Hold Harmless has an excellent "uptime" record, and we shall use all reasonable endeavors to make available to you at all times the Server and the Services but we shall not, in any event, be liable for interruptions of Service or down-time of the Server. By purchasing an agreement with, customer agrees to hold entirely harmless in any such matters. "

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    Our AUP is very much like most of the others. It was written by our attorney.

    An uptime guarantee (in my opinion) is really overrated for the most part. Look around at all the hosts who are claiming 99.5% to 99.9% uptime. This means they can only have a few minutes a month of downtime.

    We currently have 4 servers online. I can look at the logs of 3 of these and see that they have had NO DOWN TIME in the lat 3 to 6 months. 2 of these four have only been online for about 3 months.

    Unfortunately the fourth was hacked into (despite all the security measures we take), and we did have some occasional outages because of this. A few minutes a day for a couple days. This is something that can happen to any hosting company out there.

    I believe this qualifies my statement of having excellent uptime.

    As for the part of our AUP holding us harmless, again that is pretty common if you read enough AUP's, you'll see it (or some form of it) in most. Basically If I'm selling you web space for 5.00 a month, and our server should happen to go down for 10 minutes, I don't expect you to sue me claiming you've lost 10,000.00 in business.

    That part of our AUP is not designed to coverup for a shoddy bunch of servers. It's to protect against a sue happy society.

    Anyhow, this is supposed to be for the purchase of web hosting...not to debate my AUP.

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    ic, thanks for taking the time to respond

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