Cyberdog Internet Services

We are not a bargain host bent on profits. We exist to provide an alternative to the big guys. We provide professional Cisco hardware on super-fast, unsaturated and multi-homed networks. We often get criticized for "wasting" money on overly powerful servers, hardware and bandwidth; however, there is a noticeable increase in performance with our services, so we feel it is well worth it to our customers and to us. Our mission is providing an alternative to false promise, profit driven hosts. We do hosting because we love it and are good at it, not to provide a living. We divert any excess profits into customer service.

Included Features
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24x7 Ticket Support
  • 24x7 Free Emergency Phone Support
  • Cisco ASA 1510 Security Appliance w/ Custom ACLs & Professional Setup!
  • Own VLAN w/ 4 Usable IPs on Cisco Switch
  • Private VLAN w/ Custom Subnet (unlimited internal IPs w/ unlimited bandwidth between your servers)
  • Private IPSec VPN (Split Tunnel Supported)
  • Free Professional Installation with:
  • Free, Clean, Color Coded Cabling
  • Free 24x7 Monitoring (1 IP Ping per U)
  • Free Notification of bandwidth overages so you don't get surprising overage fees
  • Hands-on Support
  • DNS Servers & RDNS Entries
  • Remote Reboots (Power Cycle Remotely or Hands On Reboot)

  • 24x7 Secure Access to server (2 Security Checkpoints, Locked Cages & Surveillance)
  • San Fransisco Telecom Center exceeds stringent telecom standards
  • Built on same bedrock as Bay Bridge & Earthquake Ready
  • Free Parking in garage/loading area
  • Clean Cabling & Walkways w/ Crash Carts, Dolly and Tool Cart.
  • Redundant power feeds with UPS power and 2x2megawatt generators (Tested monthly and don't fail)
  • N+1 Liebert VACs w/N+1 Supply loops and chillers w/ raised floor and cool temps guaranteed
  • VESDA laser smoke detection w/ dry pipe suppression

  • Multi-Homed Unsaturated Bandwidth from 6 Suppliers (all under 25% utilization):
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Six separated fiber entrances with 2 fiber rooms (Screaming fast BGP network maps)
  • Tier 1 Suppliers Only:
    * MCI Gig-E and OC-12
    * IP Networks Gig-E (NTT/Verio)
    * 2 x AboveNet Gig-E
    * Yipes Gig-E (Level 3)
    * Peering with over 40+ networks at PAIX
  • Cisco HSRP hot-failover protection

1U - $199/mo Sign Up!
2U - $389/mo Sign Up!
3U - $589/mo Sign Up!
4U - $769/mo Sign Up!
8U - $1549/mo Free Setup Sign Up!
Desktop - $749/mo Free Setup Sign Up!
$49 Setup Fee Waived with purchase of 6+ months, 8U+ or Desktop

Contact us for specialized quote or custom U space.
1Mbit (95% Percentile) Per Customer Included Free


  • Server Management (Level 3)
  • Server Monitoring
  • GeoTrust SSL Certs
  • IP Addresses
  • Network Storage
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • DOS Mitigations & Additional Firewalls
  • F5 Load Balancing
  • Spam Virus Filtering

Bandwidth - 95th Percentile, All Customers get 100mbit connections w/o cap!
  • Per Mbit - Contact Us
  • Per 10 Mbit - $399
  • 100 Mbit - $1,499
  • Gigabit - Contact Us
  • Setup for connection $49
  • Overages billed at same rate

No SPAM, SPAM is closely monitored & Strictly prohibited. This included Opt-Out E-mails!
No Warez or Illegal Content or Trafficking
No Hacking or Malicious Sites, this included viruses
For complete list of terms please view our Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering Cyberdog IS and we hope to see you soon!

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