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    Ensim and bandwidth monitoring

    Am I correct in thinking that Ensim (for windows) doesn't support bandwidth monitoring? I'm looking for a simple "only 1gb a month" type facility - is there a hack or workaround for this?


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    I was looking for the same ...

    is there ANY control panel for windows that manages bandwidth in Gb/month ???

    I dont know why .... but Ensim 3.0 for win. doesn't seems to support this ... (but the linux version supports it)

    It's like ... if you get a windows server ... better to get a dedicated ## Mbit/seg. line ... or you're fired...
    how people with windows server control if one user uses 1 Gb/month or 200 Gb/month ???

    Please anyone explain me tihs !!!

    I own CPANEL servers, but I want to have a windows one ... but the control panel thing + bandwidth thing ... is like anoying...

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    If you had an H Sphere system you could monitor windows bandwidth. You'll need at least one linux server though...
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