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    Appraisal please

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    The video game Rock Band 2 should release in 2009.

    The site currently has 180 hits in the last 32 days but I expect a lot of traffic once the new game releases.

    Recently received an offer for $500 for and $500 for

    Trying to decide to hold or sale.

    What do you guys think the site could go for at the moment or closer to game release?

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    I would sell right away.

    It could have TM issue, I havent checked, so if I was you, I would sell it while I could.

    Good luck and best regards,

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    Great News!

    I counter offered what I thought was a ridiculous amount and they sold.

    $2500 -
    $2000 -


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    Congratulation rush3n.

    Who is the buyer?

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    Not sure about the buyer, sold through Sedo. Transaction is pending.

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