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    Exclamation Please help with PerlDesk....

    Hi, I have some problems with PerlDesk... The program was installed properly and everything seems to be fine but there are some posts/mails that can't be seen as answered and still are at "new" section. For example...i answered the post and i got back another from the same person...(lets say ..with another request) doesn't metter that i will answer to this (second) post because his post will still be shown in the "new/open"... Maybe someone knows how to put them into "ANSWERED REQUESTS" section...i was looking for some option in admin section, but to results. Thanks in advance! Regards

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    When you click to respond to a ticket there is a little drop down menu at the top where you can mark the ticket as closed or in progress.

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    OK, i'll make it this can i close the "ticket" without replying to this "ticket".....

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    okay guys,
    so I got a question for You too

    I use only email function built in the perldesk, so I have someone who submit a ticket through email, I reply him/her and close the ticket. The ticked is closed and it's fine, but when he/she reply thanking me I will have that ticket reopened and there is no way to close it!

    and my question is how to close the ticket without replying to it and deleting it...


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    Respond to the ticket mark it closed but in the little drop down box at the bottom where it says "notify" click "No" that will close the ticket with out emailing the customer.

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    You can also respond to the ticket and select "private respone".
    Either way will do just about the same thing.

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    New VS Open

    Hi there - am starting to use PerlDesk, but am having trouble with New and Open...

    When should a ticket be in the 'New' section, and when should it move to 'Open'?

    I assumed that this would happen when a response had been made, but that isn't happening...

    Thanks in advance

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