NetXServers have re-done their pricing plans to offer the lowest price on servers! We currently have a special on, meaning everyone who buys from this promo can get one of the following:

FREE! 1GB Flash Drive shipped to them
$10 Cash-Back on any server for the first month!

For more information on these promos please see the bottom of this post

Looking for a dedicated server? See our post here.

VPS Plans:

Mini VPS -
25% Guaranteed CPU
1 IP address
64MB Ram with 128MB Burst
Pick out of 7 OS's!
4GB Hard Drive Space
Free Webmin (Optional)
20GB Bandwidth Monthly
$6 Per Month [Order Here]

VPS Medium -
Equal-Share CPU
2 IP address
256MB Ram with 512MB Burst
Pick out of 7 OS's!
25GB Hard Drive Space
Free LXAdmin (Optional)
300GB Bandwidth Monthly
$15 Per Month [Order Here]

SuperVPS -
2.4GHZ Guaranteed CPU
4 IP address
512MB Ram with 1GB Burst
CentOS 5/Fedora
100GB Hard Drive Space
cPanel + WHM 11
500GB Bandwidth Monthly
$50 Per Month [Order Here]

Addons -

Operating Systems:
CentOS Linux 4/5 - Free
Debian 4 - Free
Fedora Core 5 - Free
Gentoo Stage 3 - Free
Open Suse 10 - Free
Ubuntu 6 - Free


+ 256MB RAM - $5 Per Month
+ 512MB RAM - $10 Per Month
+ 1GB RAM - $18 Per Month
Disk Space:
1GB - $0.50 per month (Email us at [email protected] to order!)

IP Addresses:
1 Dedicated IP - $2 Per Month
10 Dedicated IP's - $20 setup and $15 Per Month
C-Class IP block (256 IP's) - $100 Setup and $240 Per Month

Control Panels:
cPanel + WHM 11 - $15 Per Month
DirectAdmin - $22.95 Per Month
ISPConfig - Free
LXAdmin - Free
Webmin - Free

cPanel Addons:
Fantastico - $6 Per Month
ClientEXEC Billing System - $4 Per Month
WHMReseller (Sell Master Resellers) - $5 Per Month
WHMSonic (Shoutcast addon) - $30 Per year
Installatron - $25 Per Year

Promo Details:
FREE! 1GB Flash Drive: Get a 1GB Flash drive shipped straight to your door. To get this promo, enter the code G5UJOT03UAR2CSMG at sign-up
$10 Cash Back: Order your server and we will send you $10 cash back when your order is processed. Just enter the code A9APBJB355FZUJN2 at sign-up

Promo Terms:
These promos are only available on VPS-Medium and SuperVPS plans. These do not apply and will not work on Mini VPS.