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    Question configuration-issue-for-apache-mysql-php

    I need help configuring an apache web server with the php4.2.2 module. when I do the phpinfo() it says that I have mysql support but when i try to access mysql I get no response my pages refresh just as if the data had been inserted but nothing ever gets to mysql can anybody help me?
    running similar setup on a dell box
    w redhat linux 7.3 on one slice and Win2k pro on the other and I can't get it to work on either of the partitions.
    I copied the my.cnf to /etc and also to c:\winnt and I also copied the php.ini to where it needs to be. One other thing that I should note is that mysql works fine at a DOS/Linux shell.

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    Are you sure the queries are going through correctly? Try installing phpmyadmin.. That'll definitely let you know if apache/php/mysql are working together

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    I suspect this has nothing to do with MySQL. This is probably your script trying to get the variables from the global space.

    Try enabling "register_globals" in your php.ini file.
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