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    Established, profitable GSP for sale.

    I'm looking to sell my small game hosting business; one may wonder why one would sell a profitable business. To answer that question, before I had gotten into hosting, I had been a successful IT consultant making a solid yearly salary, living comfortably. I wanted to start something on the side to bring in some extra spending cash, things went very well and the company grew rapidly. However last month, I received an incredible opportunity to work full time as the lead systems administrator for a local business with a salary much higher than what I had been making before, but the downside is long hours. Due to this alone, I feel as though I haven't been able to dedicated time to my business anymore, nor pay it the attention it needs to continue being successful.

    With some of the profits, I invested money back in the business. Therefore most of our equipment is owned and very new, a good portion of our software licenses are owned as well. I also invested several thousand into SEO, listed in every major directory (free and paid incl dmoz) and rank very high on many keywords I targeted, including a ton of listings in the top 10 on Google. As it stands now the primary site alone receives 3000+ unique visitors every month,, our website is also authorities meaning when you type in our company name it shows several sub links in our listing on Google. Iím not going to bore you here with every single detail but ill provide some basic information so that those whom are interested can contact me for more.


    4x: Dual Quad Core Supermicro servers (Xeon Harpertowns 12MB Cache) / 4-6GB Memory / Dual HDD.

    1x: Dual Quad Core Dell server (Xeon Clobertown) / 2 GB Memory / Dual HDD.

    The servers above have 3 year warranties (parts/labor etc).

    2x Dual Dual Core AMD Opterons DELL / 4 GB Memory / Dual HDD.

    These servers have one year warranties I believe, one may have a 3 but both still covered.

    I also have a few dedicated servers as well they are typically single quad cores.


    We have very good colo/dedicated rates as well. At this time our monthly bill is around $1300 per month for all of our equipment including software licensing (i.e Windows 2003). This number includes the hosting plans utilized for the site/ftp etc.

    Software costs (control panel licenses, support, billing): $175

    All in all expenses hover around $1500 per month.

    Income is typically in the $3500-4000 range, when I had additional time to dedicated, I was able to get this into the $5000 range with just additional time alone.


    Receive roughly 20-30+ customer signups per month. Obviously thatís offset by cancels and no-payments etc.

    We host primarily HL1/HL2 based games. Our servers are not overloaded either; we charge a premium price when compared to many providers.

    We also maintain a very good reputation within the community.

    Those who have serious interest and the funds to talk please email me [email protected]. Please provide me with your name and company you represent, interested parties may be required to sign NDA.

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    Is that 3-4k a month year or what?
    Andrew Anderson
    Sales Manager

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    Email sent.


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    Quote Originally Posted by $alesMan View Post
    Is that 3-4k a month year or what?
    3-4k per month.

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    Hey, can we chat over Gmail? I've added you.. thanks.

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    Yes no problem, im responding to emails as soon as I can, im very busy unfortunately so ill do the best I can to get back to those whom are interested.

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    Where are your servers located? If in the US, in which state?


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    Dallas, California, NYC & Chicago

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