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Thread: WHMSonic + RAM

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    WHMSonic + RAM

    How much ram do you think is needed for WHMSonic? And how much CPU does it take up?
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    No idea have you tried posting in their forums?

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    WHMSonic does not take cpu or ram, it depends on your shoutcast or autodj customers, it depends on how many listeners your customers have. You can setup shoutcast without WHMSonic software and if the shoutcast having large listeners or popular it can take cpu or ram I am talking about 100+ listeners for ram or cpu issues, WHMSonic just allows you to setup shoutcast from whm or cpanel easily. If you are going to setup autodj I suggest dedicated server instead of a vps or 1GB ram of vps, but if you are going to provide only shoutcast without autodj you can use any vps server with whmsonic, I'm current use WHMSonic on my server and it is perfect.

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    Worry about bandwidth id say.

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