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    Hello, I had an interesting conversation with the owner of

    This was after one of our customers had illegal content and the site was shut down, I just got back and have not seen mike (co owner) yet.

    Zerosleep16: So, do mike/I get to keep the reseller account?
    lazzchatcircuit: mike and you are no longer in business together he tells me, and my deal was with him not you
    Zerosleep16: Well, that was probably when I was out of town visiting family. You have no reason to be so rude. I was just asking a question.
    lazzchatcircuit: was I rude? i just said he said you werent working together, and that my deal was with him not you, what is rude about that?
    lazzchatcircuit: I didnt call you names or anything, just a simple reply
    Zerosleep16: Just seems rude. So, do you often call people "little *****"? Not me, someone else I know.
    lazzchatcircuit: heh, they say I was having sex with them and calling me a ***, Ill say what I want to
    lazzchatcircuit: that was you wasnt it
    Zerosleep16: No, it wasnt.
    lazzchatcircuit: yes it was ya little ****, be honest for once in your life, if you remember how to be honest
    Zerosleep16: It wasnt me, accusations like can get you in trouble. I was asking a simple question
    lazzchatcircuit: ok then go away then little boy
    lazzchatcircuit signed off at 11:59:42 PM.

    Lazz has always been dodgy whenever I asked my questsions, and a couple of times when I asked them he threatened to shut down the reseller account.

    I do not reccommend chatcircuit as your host. It has great uptime and fast servers (in my opinion), but with support like this, it would not be your best bet.

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    I also received mistreatment when asking questions. I was the customer who's site was taken down and simply wanted to know why! I had spoken the the person who was hosting us (they are a reseller) and we were to receive the back up of the site.

    His replies to my questions was that I was not a customer and that this customer wasn't a priority and he also said something about his site only being a hobby site and that i shouldn't expect the support you would get from a comercial site?

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    angry James

    James here is not associated with crystalweb design anymore and the owner mike asked me to not give him any info.

    As a web host it is my responsibility to protect the privacy of the person I am contracted with.

    That is mike the owner, and he and I have a good agreement, he is also doing web work for me and another client, so we are in good standing with each other.

    Mike's instructions were to not give James here any information concerning any aspect of his business/hosting/domains, etc.

    James here is angry because I wouldnt give him personal information about the domains hosted on one of my boxes, but he is not the one who I have a contract with. Mike is.

    So to protect Mike's personal business I have refused to tell this young man any of Mikes personal details, nor give him access to Mike's domains.

    James is correct that he wouldnt do business with me, as I would never accept him as a client and warn any other hosts to be as wary as I.

    Vic Chisnell

    --edit-- AI:mike and Zero are the same fella, and yes I did tell him I wouldnt give him any info, as per the same reasons as above. 8-)

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    actually.... James isnt anywhere near as good looking and as intelligent as me.
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    One Story to End all Stories

    Im Mike from Crystal Web.....

    Me and james used to work on Crystal Web and James quit when he alledged I wasn't doing any tech support so he decided to quit. James kept the US$300 which we earned and kept it and quit.

    I then decided to keep the server and put myself into debt to save my customers from going down, something im proud of. chatcircuit has been a good business to me so far and because of a friends personal site i hosted rackshack told chatcircuit to cancel my account or they would cancell it anyway so you cant blame chatcircuit.

    As for AI:Matt he works on the domain which i was hosting and chatcircuit couldnt deal with him as he wasn't the account owner.

    I hope this clears everything up and you can see whats really behind this story.

    --- THE END ---
    AIM: ebartaim
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    I am a reseller for ChatCircuit and I can honestly say that I have NEVER had one time that I would complain about Vic or anyone at ChatCircuit.

    He has always been fantastic in every aspect of my association with him.. I HIGHLY reccomend Vic and ChatCircuit and I am glad I signed up with them...

    KUDOS Chat Citcuit!!! You are the BEST

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    I HIGHLY reccomend Vic and ChatCircuit and I am glad I signed up with them...

    same goes for me i have a few accounts with vic never had any problems his support & business ethics are excellent.
    i`m sure anyone who has been lucky enough to signup with vic will tell you the same thing.

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    same goes for me i have a few accounts with vic never had any problems his support & business ethics are excellent
    lol you are obviously.... what 10 years old??? go to school and learn how to speak correctly.

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    lol you are obviously.... what 10 years old??? go to school and learn how to speak correctly

    no i`m 32 years old ,maybe your school never taught you manners .

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    I was actually a customer of lazz's, it was a IRCD account, it took 5 days to set up, and if I asked a question he wasn't too nice to me. Guess its my personality, I like to be informed of things instead of left in the dark.

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