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    Looking for good dedicated server (PLEASE share the the knowledge) OVH VS Hetzner


    I'm looking for good dedicated server company based on your personal experience, the price is around (100 - 150) $ which I think is the median price for most individuals over here.

    this specification
    nice ram (maybe 1Giga)
    and nice hardisk space (around 250-400 Giga)

    and most importantly good bandwith ( maybe 2-4 terabyte, or some unmeterd good shared bandwith)

    I know it sound stupid to ask this spec for this price (100-150 $)

    BUT you KNOW what I looked in this forum and I saw few good company has high recommendation by the user

    I think there isn't good American company that provide nice server with good specification within reasonable price

    BUT I believe there is good European company

    IF you know good server company with reasonable price , please tell us about it

    and I will start over here with two company (that I didn't use , but based on member posted here on the forum )


    they have the best real offers I have seen so far
    they don't lie to you and told you open unlimited bandwith
    BUT tell you the unmeterd bandwith and limit which is (MAX 4.25 TB) 800 GB space , + 2 G RAM + AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Dual Core

    for price around 100 $ Month

    and most importantly their user recommend them which is a rare thing to see.

    the only reason That I can't buy from them right now is ... there something tell me maybe there is better offer , and the reason that give me this feeling is the next post

    2. OVH

    the offer speaks it self

    it's unavailable in terms on SPEC. + Quality guarantee +Services included

    the only things that I found against it is :

    1. speed
    members here talks about upload speed and huge limit outside EU.
    and even the company it self tell me the reason they don't have offer outside EU. the can't guarantee the Quality

    BUT I saw a test website for them in a post here and went to their official forum , members their don't complains , and they have lot of clients


    this seems to me a back door for them to suspend server whenever they like ... I don't want my site reach 2 TB and they suspend it !!!

    and then better form me to buy shared hosting !

    the conclusion
    IF OVH give good bandwith ( around 3-5 TB) then I can say it's the best server company in the market .

    I'm waiting for you to share your own conclusion and experience w

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    Hetzner they are much better than OVH, I know a lot peoples who use Hetzner services, and they are very happy.

    OVH is ok too, but they look like unprofessional service, provide server only for some country, etc. But, they are ok too, but Hetzner is Hetzner

    Btw, why you don't try with some USA Data Center? (BrustNET, VolumeDrive, iWeb (Canada))...

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    Btw, why you don't try with some USA Data Center? (BrustNET, VolumeDrive, iWeb (Canada))...
    thank you for your good response

    in my opinion unlike EU. company there are to expensive
    and most importantly their bandwith is limited a lot

    I think in EU they have better line and connection than US

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    really important question does Hetzner provide windows server !!

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    As I can remember OVH require extra fee for windows OS, correct me if I'm wrong...

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    Yea, usually every Provider doing that.

    Linux is safer

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    Quote Originally Posted by hosteur View Post
    As I can remember OVH require extra fee for windows OS, correct me if I'm wrong...
    windows web is free

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    GUYS I know that windows isn't free and not the best option
    BUT most software (the one that I care about ) works On it

    BUT what about OVH is there service good ?! I'm taking real consideration to take a server with them espiacally that they provide windows

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    If you want good Europe network, then take .

    OVH is average hosting provider.

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    try try both are top nocth company

    i personally suggest u to check
    ProlimeHost - Dedicated Server Hosting, Hundreds of Servers & clients worldwide
    Three Datacenter Location: Los Angeles, Denver & Singapore
    SuperMicro Hardware | Multiple Bandwidth Providers | 24/7 on Site Engineers

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    comparing OVH to Hetzner? thats like comparing a lada to a bmw

    i suggest you get a server from both you will come to a conclusion rather quickly

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    I have had very good experiences with the sales staff of ovh in the UK. His name is Tolla. Since I live in Spain, I had to register through their Spanish website and that's where hell started.

    The registration process was midieaval with incomprehensible error messages. Then they connect you to a website of a bank (not some independent payment processor) which required me to enter a PIN code. Then.. after a few error messages for other items.. my correct PIN code was invalidated as well.

    When I called the guy said "I'm technical support" we do not answer sales calls, send an email. When I sent an email... 3 times, I have never received an answer. When I called again, the guy hung up on me in the middle of the sentence (and my Spanish is pretty good).

    I needed to ask the help of Tolla (and his team cannot sell the server to me) and he had to enquire with the Spanish. They simply responded to him it was customary in Spain to enter a PIN code, but still did not bother to either email, call or try to resolve the issue when I had my money ready to pay.

    So I guess it really depends on the country you live in. Needless to say that the Spanish operation are a bunch of total ******** that do not deserve to work in this business at all.

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    Ohh and on their website they say:
    -- phone number is for both sales and tech support.
    -- Sales will ALWAYS call you back in 15 minutes.
    -- In the end all email contact (and you have to click through quite a few times) leads to one email address: [email protected]

    They did not even bother to create several email address for different groups ??!!!!

    I think the local stamp collecting club where I lived in San Francisco has a better outfit than these idiots (Oh and no I do not collect stamp.. it was meant metaphorically)...

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